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PRONOUNCED: HOLE-JER. "Kind of like Folger's the coffee...But with an "H".


Born in Wiesbaden, Germany from Ecuadorian parents, Holger’s father was in the U.S. Military where he grew up in Europe until he was 6 years old. Upon reaching stateside when he was 12, he had his first foray into acting by participating in community theater in West Texas and New Mexico. Later, Los Angeles came calling where he has appeared in several commercials and TV shows, such as Jane The Virgin, Bosch, Criminal Minds and Prison Break. He's also had recurring roles on Epix's Get Shorty, Hulu's Future Man, and Showtime's Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. 


Holger is a co-producer and the voice of the title character, Mambo, for the educational web series, Will Mambo Eat It? Learn what dogs can and can't eat with fun and historical food facts! Holger is a music fanatic and loves to sing in his car. He has a valid passport and is willing to travel.


Penny Dreadful:

City of Angels      Recurring  Director Paco Cabezas -- Showtime

Get Shorty           Recurring  Director So Yong Kim -- Epix 

Future Man          Recurring  Director Seth Rogan -- Hulu Plus

Hand of God        Recurring  Director Marc Forster – Amazon Prime


Saint George       Recurring  Director Joe Regalbuto – FX Network

Hollywood!          Co-Star     Director Daniel Minahan -- Netflix

Grand Hotel        Co-Star      Director Ellen Pressman -- ABC 

Truth Be Told      Co-Star      Director Sarah Pia Anderson -- Apple TV

LA's Finest          Co-Star      Director Antonio Negret -- SONY/Crackle TV

The Cool Kids     Co-Star      Director Anthony Rich -- FOX

Dirty John            Co-Star     Director Jeffrey Reiner --Bravo 

Hit The Floor       Co-Star      Director James LaRosa -- BET 

Bosch                  Co-Star      Director Ernest Dickerson -- Amazon Prime

The Fosters         Co-Star      Director Kelli Williams -- Free Form

Just Add Magic   Co-Star      Director Aprill Winney -- Amazon Prime

Jane the Virgin    Co-Star      Director Melanie Maynor – The CW


 Scorpion             Co-Star      Director Guy Ferland  – CBS 


Criminal Minds    Co-Star       Director Nelson McCormick – CBS


Prison Break       Co-Star       Director Bobby Roth – FOX


Diagnosis X        Guest Star   Director F. Paul Benz – The Learning Channel  

2010 - present
2010 - present

Contact               Supporting      Director Teal Greyhavens -- Spiral Pictures

American Folk    Supporting      Director David Heinz – Vanishing Angle

21st Century Romance   Lead      Director Ralph Tropf – The All Roses Company

We Have 10 Minutes    Supporting   Director Ralph Odierna – Red Head Said Productions

Audrey                     Supporting  Director Dean Pollack – Manchego Pictures

Table of the Heart       Lead            Director Tatum Shank Cross Light Productions


Clean Getaway           Lead            Director Kate Rees Davies – Bizfoot Productions


The Perfect Meal        Supporting   Director James Roddy – Frankin Boling Pictures


Red Princess Blues    Supporting   Director Alex Ferrari – The Enigma Factory


En Tiempo de Guerra  Lead        Director Brian Parada – CSUN Film *(BAFTA Winner)


Workshop                       Lead            Director Michael Gunn – Makin' Movies Productions


The Fourth Wall              Lead            Director Michael Gunn – Makin' Movies Productions


Let's Dance for a Little While    Director Paul Messinger – Ta-Da Theater (NY)

Judgement at Nuremberg         Director Diane Namm – Santa Monica Playhouse

Monster                                     Director Diane Namm – Pasadena Playhouse

12 Angry Jurors                         Director Diane Namm – West of Broadway 


Prisoner of 2nd Avenue             Director Ken Eulo – Grove Street Playhouse


A Zoo Story                                Dirtector Ken Eulo – Grove Street Playhouse


Ted Brunetti Studios            Audition Technique & On Camera Studies


Peter Kelley                         On Camera Intensives


James Reese                       Scene Study & On Camera Study    

Killian McHugh                     Commercial On Camera Intensives


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